Same Sex Commitment Ceremonies

How about we go on our first date? Nothing too serious. Let’s have a coffee and get to know each other. If the mood is right, we can set a date when I can deliver a commitment ceremony for you and your partner.

As a proudly gay celebrant in Melbourne, I know that love doesn’t take any notice of sexuality, age, gender, religion or cultural background.

Whether you’re in Melbourne or regional Victoria, I’ll work with you and your partner to create a commitment ceremony that reflects the style you want:

  • elegant
  • informal
  • vintage
  • contemporary
  • flamboyant
  • custom themed

What I’d like you to do now

Please use the Quick Contact Form to tell me:

  • your names
  • contact details
  • the planned time and date of your commitment ceremony.

I’ll call you to set up our first meeting and confirm my availability.

Remember, my first meeting with you is free and comes with no obligation.