Renew Your Vows with One of the Top Marriage Celebrants in Essendon, Melbourne, and Mornington Peninsula

The renewing of vows is a very special celebration for a married couple. It is often done on a major anniversary like a 20th or 50th or on a date that has some significance to the couple. A vows renewing ceremony may also be the perfect thing for a couple that wants to reaffirm their commitments to each other after going through a rough period in their relationship. Whatever the circumstance may be, those who want to renew their vows in the Melbourne area need to consider Bronte Price Celebrant, one of the top marriage celebrants in Essendon, to conduct their service. With years of experience in performing such ceremonies, Bronte Price Celebrant can assist you in the renewal of your wedding vows.

Understand What not to do

After making sure the timing is right and committing to a renewal ceremony, it is important to understand what you should not do this time around. Though there are no formal rules, you may want to consider not having a gift registry or a bridal shower before your ceremony. Those occasions were held prior to your marriage ceremony and there is no reason to hold those events again. The same goes for ‘bucks’ and ‘hens’ nights. You are married, remember? Bronte Price Celebrant assists you with the process of preparing for your vow renewal ceremony.

Decide on the Size of Your Celebration

You and your spouse or partner should be in agreement as to the size of your event. You may wish to have a large gathering of friends and family that you have not seen in many years. You may also want to keep the ceremony intimate with just your closest friends and family members present. It is possible you may choose just to do it alone. As one of the top marriage celebrants in Melbourne, Bronte Price Celebrant will collaborate with you to make your renewal ceremony special no matter what you choose.

Make a Decision on a Budget

Your budget will be related to the size of your ceremony. If you are planning on inviting hundreds of people and having a reception afterwards, you need to be prepared to pay for it. This is not your wedding where your parents were perhaps involved with the finances. You will be footing the bill for this one, so consider your spending limits carefully.

Choose One of the Top Marriage Celebrants in Mornington Peninsula

In preparing for your vow renewal ceremony, it is important to choose a marriage celebrant who will make your special day that much more memorable. In Bronte Price Celebrant, you receive one of the top marriage celebrants in the Melbourne area. No matter what style of ceremony you prefer, Bronte Price Celebrant provides you with professional, confident, relaxed service at any time on any day of the year.

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