I’m Bronte Price, a full-time male marriage and funeral celebrant. In my spare time, I’m a qualified trainer, vegie gardener, foodie and piano player.

I married my husband, Clint, in April 2019 – it was the best day of our lives! It was both exciting and fascinating planning our own wedding “from the other side” and it gave me a great insight into what couples go through in the leadup to their special day. The whole experience made me a better celebrant!

Clint and I are parents to our beloved rescue kelpie, Bingo, aged five.

Most Sunday afternoons will find us at DTs, in Richmond, one of Melbourne’s iconic gay pubs, catching up with our close mates.

As a former senior executive in state and local government (most recently as Assistant Director Data Analytics with the Victorian Ombudsman), I’ve picked up some pretty useful skills that I’ve been able to put into practice as a celebrant.

Bronte with his dog Bingo

Proud dog owner

One of the best things Clint and I ever did was rescue Bingo, our 5 year old pure-bred kelpie, when he was one year old. We love him to bits!


I’m a married man!

On our 9th anniversary of being together, I married Clint, my husband in April 2019. It taught me lots about how to plan a wedding! It was the best day ever!


I adore wedding rehearsals!

I enjoy having a run-through with my couples in the week before their wedding. It reduces nerves and reassures us that we know what we’re doing.


I’m a grandparent

Having 8 grandchildren has taught me the importance of being in the moment and enjoying time with them and the importance of play.


I’m a gardening fanatic

I’ve grown vegetables for as long as I can remember. There’s something special about the daily growth, the freshness, and being at one with nature.


I play piano

I find that piano playing is a great way to de-stress – it puts me in another place and is a soothing, relaxing pastime.





I love writing and telling stories. That helps me draft and deliver high quality, personalised ceremonies. And as a former English and Drama teacher, I know how to work with people to put together ceremonies that are authentic, interesting, polished, enjoyable and memorable. And I know how to use a ceremony space, to deliver them appropriately, tailored to your audience.

I’m friendly and engaging, and I’m genuinely interested in people. I want to find out and tell your story – one of the ways I use to help make your ceremony different from others.