Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Say I Do, Once Again!

Looking for ways to rejuvenate your relationship? Let me help you renew your vows to each other!

Renewal of Vows Ceremony 1

  • Two meetings, at least one of which is face-to-face.
  • As many emails and phone calls as we need.
  • All travel, up to 100km radius from my Pascoe Vale office.
  • Access to my ‘renewal of vows’ questionnaire
  • Provision of a draft ceremony for your modification.
  • A run-through, in the week prior to your vows renewal, if you wish.
  • Delivery of your renewal of vows in front of up to 50 guests.
  • Use of my professional quality sound system.

Renewal of Vows Plan Journey

Renewal of Vows Ceremony 2

Our First Meeting

I’ll meet with you, so I can get an idea of what you’re after in your renewal of vows. That meeting will also enable us to make sure we’re a great fit for each other. I’ll grab some initial information from you. I’ll confirm your vows renewal day in my diary and send you the first of two invoices. The second one is due one week before your vow renewal.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony 3

First Draft Sent for Your Response

I’ll send you a questionnaire that will provide me with a heap of information that I can include in your vows renewal. Based on that and what I learned from you in our first meeting, I’ll draft and send you the first draft of your ceremony. I’ll ask you to go through that and make any changes you want, before you send it back to me.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony 4

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

On your chosen day, I’ll arrive in time to set up my sound system, if we’re using it. Then I’ll deliver your ceremony in such a way that you and any guests will remember it and its significance.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony 5

Let’s plan your renewal of vows your way.

As your renewal of vows is not a marriage ceremony, there are no legal rules about what needs to go into it. That’s great! It means we can work together to create a ceremony that’s authentic for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a celebrant to renew our vows?

A legal marriage ceremony needs a celebrant. Once you’re married, the renewal of your vows can be done by anyone you choose. Let’s have a chat about ways we can rekindle your romance or perhaps mark a special milestone in your relationship, via a renewal of vows ceremony.

Check out my website to know more about the services I offer and the clients I’ve catered to in the past.

What happens in the vows renewal ceremony?

A couple can renew their marriage vows at any time. Some married couples who want to renew their commitment to each other after they’ve been through a rough patch in their relationship. Others use a renewal of vows ceremony to tell each other how much they love each other, to make a special milestone or anniversary. I love meeting my clients face to face, hear their story, get to know them, ask a heap of questions and then plan a customised ceremony for them. Some couples want their renewal of vows ceremony to be a time when they can look back on their original marriage ceremony and replicate it, as far as they can, without the legal aspects, of course. Others prefer to recount how their relationship has ev0lved and grown, the fun times and challenges they have shared, and then share what they are looking forward in the next stages of their relationship. It’s truly up to the couple.

Does the couple exchange rings as well?

In a renewal of vows ceremony, some couples choose to exchange rings again, and some don’t. It’s up to the couple, of course. For some, it’s a physical and visible way of renewing their commitment to each other. Others perhaps made a pledge to each other, when they married, that they would never remove their wedding rings, no matter what. And that includes on a day when they renew their vows. Remember, there are no rules for a renewal of vows, apart from the requirement for whoever is conducting the ceremony to make clear to those present that this is not a legal marriage ceremony.

How can you help up plan and execute the ceremony?

I’ve conducted lots of ‘renewal of vows’ ceremonies. I typically meet with the couple – often in their home – to have a chat about why they want to renew their vows, the style of ceremony they have in mind, who else will be involved or invited, and so on. I then send them a questionnaire to gather further information from them – and all of that enables me to put together a first draft of their ceremony. The couple then makes any changes they wish to make and return it to me. At that point, I begin adding new ideas / suggestions. I send a revised draft to them and ask them to respond. We keep going back and forth until we’re all really happy with the ceremony.

I love helping couples in personalising their ceremony, so that their vows renewal is beautiful and memorable for them.

Do you need witnesses for the vow renewal ceremony?

Renewals of marriage vows contain no legal components. This means that you’re spared the trouble of having to deal with any paperwork. And, so, no – you don’t need any witnesses for a renewal of vows ceremony. But you can have as many or as few guests as you wish, to ‘witness’ you renew your vows.

Where can we have the ceremony?

You can have your renewal of vows ceremony anywhere at all. I’m based in Pascoe Vale (a suburb of Melbourne) but I’ll happily travel all over Melbourne and regional Victoria, as well as interstate, to plan and deliver renewal of vows ceremonies. You can also have your renewal of vows at anytime on any day of the year.

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