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  • Short and sweet weddings

    • The First Meeting- Real or Virtual
    • Planning the First Draft
    • Verifying the Paperwork
    • The Magical Wedding Ceremony
    • Marriage Certificate and Registration
    • More details

  • Micro Weddings

    • Meeting the Lovebird- Online or Offline
    • A Rough Sketch of the Ceremony
    • Checking your Paperwork
    • The Wedding Rehearsal
    • Performing the Wedding
    • Marriage Registration and other Technicalities
    • More details

  • Superior Weddings

    • The meet and greet
    • Signing the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage)
    • A Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist
    • Online Wedding Planner- Organizing the Ceremony
    • Tell your own love story
    • Drafting and Re-Drafting
    • Wedding Rehearsal
    • The Actual Ceremony
    • Completing the Legalities
    • More details

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Frequently Asked Questions by Engaged Couples

Popular queries from couples about pricing, wedding planning, venue, availability and legal requirements.

What are the different wedding packages you offer?

Currently, I am offering three primary wedding packages. The simple and short weddings are as the name suggest, short and simple. These events are usually not very lavish and involve a small group of friends and family. The Micro weddings are also a small affair. The superior weddings, in comparison, are more expansive and extravagant.

Would you help us with the wedding planning?

Sure, I even offer wedding planning and rehearsal services. Once we have met in person and things are finalized, I would send you the first draft for approval. This contains a detailed month-by-month itinerary of the things that you need to take care of.

What makes you different from the other celebrants out there?

I have always been a fan of weddings and love seeing people commit their lives to each other. Marriage is a beautiful bond and I would love to be part of your special day. I have a very flexible schedule and can adjust to your requirements.

How can we reach you?

You can drop in an email, call me on the phone number provided, look me up on social media. Or we can do this the old-fashioned way- catch up over some coffee!

Are you a full-time celebrant?

Yes, I work as a full-time wedding celebrant. Bringing people and help them tie the knot gives me immense happiness. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

How much do you charge?

I usually charge anything between $595 to $1400. The prices depend on the venue, the scale of the event and the time I spend arranging it. Be rest assured that there are no extra costs or hidden charges when I offer you my final quote.

Where can you wed us?

I can wed you wherever you want! If you are in Australia, and planning to get married in Melbourne then any venue space works. For, although I am based in Pascoe Vale, I travel all over Melbourne and the regional part of Victoria and interstate.

When would you be available?

You can reach out to me online or meet up for a cup of coffee. I have a very active online presence. You can even look me up on social media and check out my work.

What makes a good wedding celebrant?

A successful wedding celebrant is someone who would ensure a smooth and hassle-free wedding for the couple. As a wedding celebrant I make sure that my clients are comfortable and happy. A wedding a beautiful lifelong bond, it is a day of joy and celebration. And I ensure that you get the fairytale you deserve.

Do you take care of the paperwork?

Of course, I take care of the entire event- both practical and aesthetic aspect of it. This would involve checking your documents, verifying the paperwork, and ensuring that your wedding is properly registered.

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