Marriage Celebrant Training in Australia

Learn how to become a successful marriage celebrant

Learn everything there is to become a great wedding celebrant with me!

  • How to interact with couples
  • Understanding their needs and requirements
  • Come up with quick and creative solutions
  • Help couples with drafting and redrafting the ceremony
  • Present the love story in an engaging way
  • Build warm and friendly relations with your clients
  • Assist them with the paperwork and getting the marriage certificate

How to be a Marriage Celebrant

Steps involved in the whole process of becoming a celebrant.

Let’s Meet

Are you interested in becoming a civil celebrant but don’t know where to start from? I help train new civil celebrants and help them get registered and start living their passion to celebrate life.
First, I would love to meet you and know why you’re inclined towards the profession. We can then arrange for classes and discuss the other details of these lessons.

Prepare for Cert IV in Celebrancy

Cert IV in celebrancy is a certification that authorises budding celebrants and gives them the permission to conduct weddings. To get this certification, you need to undergo a training program and pass an exam. Don’t worry, I will help you every step of the way.

Classrooms sessions

I usually prefer teaching my students in different batches. Also, you don’t have to belong to a particular age group or have a specific skill to become a celebrant. The classroom sessions are all about interaction and fun. Here I teach you the technical aspects of the profession and some tips from my experience.

Homework assignments

Homework and assignment projects are part and parcel of the coursework here. These assignments are a mixture of written and practical activities. In fact, I might even assign special sessions and workshops to help you learn the tricks of the trade quicker.

Submit an Application

Once you know all about the basics of becoming a civil celebrant, you’re ready to submit your application. I will help you with the paperwork and the registration process as well

Let’s celebrate love by helping you become a successful civil celebrant

Feel free to call me anytime to share your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked by interested candidates about becoming a registered marriage celebrant.

What is the eligibility to become a civil celebrant?

There is no age limit or other skills that you’ll need to become a civil celebrant. All you need is a certificate that authorizes you as a celebrant. Also, you need to understand the basics of the jobs that I will be helping you with

How long does it take to complete the marriage celebrant training?

I have different batches and classes that you can enrol in depending on your convenience. There are short-term sessions where I teach the basic concepts of the job and other longer classes that go into the details of the profession.

What is the scope of the civil celebrant as a career option?

Civil celebrants have become extremely popular in Melbourne, especially over the past few years. We see more and more people wanting to get married, and getting their weddings officiated. It is a lucrative industry indeed.

What would you be teaching us?

As part of my marriage celebrant training curriculum, I would be teaching you all about drafting the ceremony, interacting with clients and helping them. Officiating a wedding is a job that requires both practical and personal skills.

How do we reach out to you?

You can contact me via email or drop in call. We can then arrange for a meeting and decide upon the classes and batches you want to take up.

What makes a good civil celebrant?

A good civil celebrant is warm, friendly, polite and extremely professional. Moreover, the celebrant is passionate about his work and enjoys marriages and bringing people together.

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