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Although your wedding may seem like it is a long way away, it’s never too early to begin having those discussions about the big stuff associated with your wedding. What style of wedding do you want? What is your budget? How many guests are you thinking of inviting? So many questions, and you are forever chasing deadlines trying to get everything in order. Our wedding planner is your new best friend for these stressful months.

Congratulations on your decision to get married!

This month-by-month planner is designed to help take the stress out of planning your wedding. Have the discussions. One by one, give each task a big tick as you complete them! The first three months of this wedding planner are free – they are yours to keep, with no obligation of being one of my clients.

If you would like to gain access to the remainder of the wedding planner, please sign up and you will receive the rest, month by month, according to your planned wedding date.

And, of course, if you choose me to be your celebrant, then you receive the entire planner at no cost, also.

I hope you find it useful.

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Your search for the perfect wedding plan ends here. Get our free printable wedding planner and get started.

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The Age

“It's not the first-time sexual orientation and discrimination have caused tears at a straight wedding at which the Essendon-based celebrant has officiated.”

December 9, 2017
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BrightSide Duo

“In his spare time, Bronte conducts LGBTI Sensitivity Training for wedding suppliers to pass on his tips and hints about how to work respectfully with LGBTI couples.”

-Editor at BrightSide Duo

April 17, 2019
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The Pier Geelong

``Bronte Price is an incredible individual, vivacious, cheeky and fun, patient and authentic. Bronte recognised that there was a real need for training vendors within the wedding industry.``

-Editor at Pier Geelong

June 7, 2019
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    About the author

    Bronte Price is a full-time male wedding celebrant, bringing people of all orientations together since June 2016. He has worked as an assistant director data analytics with Victorian Ombudsman. In his space time, you can find Bronte playing the piano or tending to his vegetable garden.

    He recently got married to his partner, Clint, in April 2019 and they have a five-year old rescue kelpie Bingo to complete the family.

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