Bronte Price is Amongst the Best Australian Marriage Celebrants for Offering Customisable Ceremonies to All

Getting married is a lengthy and complicated procedure that requires not just extra care to make your special day truly unique, but requires legalities to be handled as well. This is where Australian marriage celebrants come into play: …read more .

Make Your Marriage a Stress Free Event with a Quality Celebrant in Yarra Valley, Melbourne, or Mornington Peninsula

Just a few days before one of the biggest celebrity weddings in history, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez put their wedding on an indefinite hold. For personal reasons, they never ended up getting married. They did, however, leave behind a …read more .

Are you looking for Celebrants in Yarra Valley, Melbourne or on the Mornington Peninsula? Choose Bronte Price Celebrant for a More Personal Service

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Take Some of the Stress out of Your Wedding, by Hiring the Right Civil Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne

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Bronte Price Celebrant: A Gay Marriage Celebrant You Can Trust in Essendon, Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula

With Australian federal law still recognising marriage only as the union between a man and a woman, it can be difficult to find a celebrant who not only performs commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples but also understands their situation. …read more .

Bronte Price: A Professional and Open-Minded Male Celebrant in Melbourne

Twelve months ago, a conversation I had with a close friend changed my life. My friend was convinced that my passion for creative writing, as well as my belief that love knows no boundaries, would make me a perfect fit for the career path …read more .

How to Choose a Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, or Mornington Peninsula

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Renew Your Vows with One of the Top Marriage Celebrants in Essendon, Melbourne, and Mornington Peninsula

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Have Your Casual Ceremony Professionally Prepared by the Best of Melbourne Wedding Celebrants

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The Things No One Tells You about Marriage – Be Prepared with a Quality Wedding Celebrant for Your Yarra Valley, Melbourne, or Mornington Peninsula Ceremony

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As Wedding Celebrants in Essendon, Bronte Price Celebrant Helps You Navigate the Process of Getting Married in Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula

Getting married is a monumental event in anyone’s life. After the proposal, the real work begins as you search for the best wedding celebrants in the Melbourne area. Bronte Price Celebrant ensures that your wedding ceremony is the highlight …read more .