COVID-19 restrictions on weddings in Victoria

It’s important – in fact, crucial – that we all consider the health and safety of our couples, and their witnesses and guests, as well as ourselves.

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COVID-19 restrictions on weddings
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Since March 2020, many couples planning their wedding have either postponed their wedding, or changed the scale of their wedding, or have decided to plough ahead and get married in line with the COVID restrictions in place at the time. Many of the covid restrictions in Victoria have now been lifted, much to the relief of couples wanting to get married, as well as their guests and wedding professionals.

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Updated 6 January 2022: 

From 11:59pm on 6 January 2022, in Victoria, density limits of one person per 2 square metres apply to indoor food and drink venues and high-risk entertainment venues. It’s strongly recommended that businesses close dancefloors, and allow seated service only.

For a full summary of COVIDSafe Settings, and links to other Q&A pages, visit How We Live: Information for Victorians.


COVID-19 restrictions on weddings means  all weddings will be legals-only ceremonies with  5 people in total – the couple, the celebrant and witness. Social distancing rules apply.

– Bronte Price

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COVID-19 is going to be with us for some time yet. As wedding professionals, we have a key role in ensuring that we don’t add to the potential risk and harm that the virus causes.

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