6 Common Mistakes Made In Filling Out The Notice of Intended Marriage

The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) is a difficult form to fill out. You can download the NOIM form here. And there are some common mistakes that are made on a regular basis while lodging a NOIM form.

Here’s how to avoid making them in the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Questions 2 and 3

Given names and surname. “Surname” means your last name or family name. “Given names” means your first name and any other names. Your name should be as it appears in your identifying document – that is, your passport or birth certificate and driver’s license. Your celebrant will be happy to call you by any other name throughout your marriage ceremony – for example, if your first name is Edward but everyone calls you Ed, then that’s fine. But your celebrant will need to say your full name once sometime during the ceremony.

Question 7

Conjugal status – this means, whether you’ve been married and divorced, or married and your partner has died, or whether you’ve never been married. In the last example, the words you need to insert in question 7 on the Notice are “never validly married”. And if you’ve been divorced or widowed, you’ll need to provide evidence of that to your celebrant.

NOIM form questions 6 to 8 Australia


Birthplace – at question 8, you need to put the same birthplace that appears on your passport, if you’re using that as your identifying document. If your passport doesn’t contain your city or town, or if you’re using your birth certificate and driver’s license as your identifying documents, then you need to show them to your celebrant – and write the relevant birthplace on the Notice.

At question 10 if you were born outside Australia, and if you’re coming to Australia to get married and then head home again, you need to put 0 years and 0 months. If you were born outside Australia, and if you live in Australia, at question 10 you need to put however many years and months you have lived here at the time of completing the Notice.

NOIM form questions 1o to 12 Australia

At question 11, write your father’s full name – first name, any middle names, and last name. If he’s dead, add the word “deceased” after his name.

At question 12, write your mother’s full name she was given when she was born – first name, any middle names, and last name. If she’s dead, add the word “deceased” after her name.

Page 3 of the NOIM form is as shown below:


Page 4 of the NOIM form is as shown below: